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The clinometer or in German: the Schlingerlibelle.
This device was used aboard German U-boats during the ‘trim’of the ship:
putting it in a horizontal position after a dive.
It was also used while lying still on an irregular seabed.
This way the sloping angle could be determined in order to stabilize the ship.
The biggest clinometer consists of a round disc filled with glycerin, and filling nipples at the top and bottom.
The glycerin provides the instrument with a nice slowing-down performance,
like watching something in slow-motion.
Moving inside this clinometer is a built-in round disc which is equipped with a protractor and horizontal lines.
The moment the ship dives or ascends the built-in disc turns with it and renders the sloping angle in degrees.
The sloping angle is shown by the U-boat pictured.
The horizontal lines with in the middle the U-boat indicate if the ship is lying straight and balanced.
This unique instrument is luminous too, and after 70 years is still in perfect working order!
The whole instrument lights up in the dark and can be read perfectly.
It was made luminous especially in case of emergencies underwater like electrical malfunctions.
The smaller model by Carl Plath is nicely signed with the logo of the Sun-Shooter while the dial is made from email.
Unique instruments, in perfect working order, and smooth: diameters 13.5 cm, and 20 cm.



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